Barcelona Pl. Catalunya
beneath Pelai and Bergara streets (between Plaça Catalunya and Balmes)
Kilometre mark of the Barcelona:
Current track height above sea level:
1,65 m
Date of first opening (on the surface):
23 June 1863 (coming into service on 24 June)
Opening date of the underground station:
27 March 1929 (coming into service on 24 April)
Type of station (current):
terminus station with 2 access halls, 6 lines and 7 platforms
Passengers registered during 2012: 11.302.721

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Plaça de Catalunya / 1865

Barcelona station of the “Rail Road from Barcelona to Sarriá”, soon after 1863, once the second floor of the building had been constructed. It was located at the beginning of Pelai Street, on the corner which, in time, would become 1 Plaça de Catalunya. It was one of the first buildings constructed according to the alignment of the project for the Eixample district of Barcelona by Ildefons Cerdà. The residents of Barcelona at the time knew it as Sarrià station or Sarrià railway station. This is the oldest photograph still preserved in the FGC archives. It could possibly correspond to an official ceremony of some kind: gleaming new building, flag raised, circle of people in dress uniforms listening to a speech being given by a person in the middle... Nevertheless, it does not correspond to the opening of the line because, according to records from the period, this took place on 23 June 1863 in the afternoon and the shadows in the photo coincide with the time shown on the clock: 10:55 in the morning. It could be the opening of extensions to the building. The train waiting at the station could be a regular service of any day. Since the beginning of the service, trains left Barcelona and Sarrià on the hour and at half-past. At 10:55 it is logical that the 11 o’clock train would be ready to leave.